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M.I.C.E.-in-the-bag hits another big run in Düsseldorf, Germany

Düsseldorf was the backdrop for M.I.C.E.-in-the-bag’s latest pop-up event, the fifth one in two years. As with the previous ones held in London, Stockholm,...

MICE in the bag hits another big run in Düsseldorf, Germany,...

M.I.C.E.-in-the-bag organized another of its invitation-only “Insider Gathering” events at the wonderful Chateauform in Düsseldorf on November 20th. The tailored B2B gathering saw 17 among buyers and suppliers coming from everywhere in Europe, connecting with each other in the usual informal and friendly environment.

Leading industry figures take the helm at Cape Town Tourism

Two renowned tourism professionals to provide guidance to Cape Town's premier industry organisation.

New EU regulations on bus and coach passenger rights

SOFIA, Bulgaria - A new European Union regulation on bus and coach passenger rights came into effect on March 1, 2013, providing bus and coach travelers throughout the EU with new rights, the European

German tourists injured in Belfast bus attack

Three German tourists have been injured after a coach was stoned in east Belfast. The vehicle was attacked on the King's Road, in the city at about 2130 BST on Monday.

Getting the seat you want for the price you want

The days of reserving an airline ticket and then selecting a seat for free are numbered. Increasingly, carriers are charging passengers a fee to reserve in certain rows in coach.

IATA: Corporate travelers may never return to business-class cabins

Corporate travelers forced to fly coach during the recession may never return to business-class cabins as employers seek permanent cuts to their travel budgets, the International Air Transport Associa

Air New Zealand introduces Cuddle-Class seating

In the ongoing game of creative airline seating, Air New Zealand is introducing a welcome option in the economy section of its new long-haul airplanes.

WTM introduces free hotel coach transfers for the first time

World Travel Market, the premier global event for the travel industry, is introducing free hotel coach transfers to and from the event for the first time this year.

16 French tourists injured in coach accident in Morocco

RABAT - Sixteen French tourists were injured, including five seriously, when a tourist coach overturned Monday in the highway connecting the capital, Rabat to the central city of Fez (200 km east of R

Airline meals have done a disappearing act in coach

Passengers joked about airline food, but they secretly welcomed the excuse to break their diets. After all, the meal appeared and there was nothing else to do but eat it.

British tourists in fatal French coach crash

A coach packed with British pensioners was involved in a massive pile-up which left at least one person dead and 39 injured on a fog-covered French motorway.

Low-cost coach company Megabus is betting low-income travellers will jump on...

Low-cost airlines such as WestJet helped to pioneer the concept of a flying bus, but now some motor coach companies are fighting back with cheap seats of their own. When Megabus pulls into Toronto on May 30, it will boast one-way fares to New York City for as little as $1 (plus a 50 cent booking fee) in a bid to whip up interest for the 10-hour road trip.
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