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CNN’s Inside Africa ventures to Seychelles this week

This week on CNN’s Inside Africa they’re venturing off the coast of Kenya and heading to smallest nation in Africa – the Seychelles.

Seychelles recognized as leaders in the world of tourism

On March 14, Frances Cha of CNN gives coverage of a new report, put out earlier this month by the Worl

Seychelles capital named 3rd most romantic city in the world

CNN, one of the world’s leading news and information channels, has voted the Seychelles islands as the third most romantic city in the world after ranking New Orleans of the USA as the first one, fo

CNN TASK-Tourism Communication Session at UNWTO General Assembly names Seychelles as...

The CNN TASK-Tourism Communication Session at the 19th Session of the UNWTO General Assembly in GyeongJu, Korea, saw the republic of the Seychelles being cited by Anita Mendiratta as an example for su

London is a top 3 destination for Europeans

More Europeans anticipate visiting England in the next 12 months than any other country in the world, say results from CNN’s latest "Consumer Connect" study on the travel and tourism industry.

Seychelles delegation to 2010 World Travel Market meets with Richard Quest...

The Seychelles Delegation at the 2010 WTM met and discussed with the famous Richard Quest of CNN during the annual CNN function at the London Nobu Restaurant.

Setting the scene – the role of film in national identity

Between the period of October 05th and 08th 2009, government leaders from within the Travel & Tourism (T&T) world united in Astana, Kazakhstan for the 18th Annual General Assembly of the UNWTO.

Tourism Fiji to spend US$672,000 on CNN TV blitz

A two-month advertising blitz by Tourism Fiji on CNN will cost no less than $672,000. Tourism Fiji CEO Josefa Tuamoto said the money was spent in an attempt to broaden Fiji's visitor market base.

CNN International’s TASK Group and UNWTO strike exclusive global partnership

CNN International today announced the formation of a global strategic partnership between the CNN Tourism, Advertising Solutions, and Knowledge (TASK) Group and the United Nations World Tourism Organi

Sustainable tourism – protecting the principle

Sustainable tourism. Two words that have become the foundation of destination development.

The role of government in tourism: The critical “how”

The first years of the 21st Century have been exceptional for the global world and the travel and tourism sector.

Finding silver linings around dark economic clouds

As the end of 1st Quarter approaches, members of the global travel and tourism community look ahead with a looming sense of fear. Fear and uncertainty.

Insights into tourism branding

The travel and tourism sector has evolved dramatically over the past decade.

CNN to market Kenya as a tourist destination

Kenya will from September be marketed as a tourist destination by the Cable News Network (CNN).