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First Playboy Club in India to open in Goa

Playboy's iconic "bunnies" will make a demure Indian debut next month serving drinks at the brand's first club in the country, which will open despite a nationwide ban on the adult magazine.

Skal Kampala annual general meeting set for March 31

The Skal Club of Kampala, Chapter 611, will hold their annual general meeting (AGM) on Wednesday, March 31, the last possible date under Skal International’s constitution.

New “mile high club” encourages swapping

WEST PALM BEACH, FL - With an estimated 17 trillion unredeemed frequent flyer miles in circulation today, worth US$500 billion according to The Economist Magazine, consumers are getting a piece of the

Russian Robinson Club announces expedition to Cleveland Volcano, Alaska

Bellingham, WA - The Russian Robinson Club members will mount Amateur Radio Expedition to the Chuginadak island, located 800 nm SE from Anchorage, Alaska, from July 21st to July 27th 2008.

Cedar Point to host coaster enthusiasts from around the world

It has happened nearly every June since 1989. Roller-coaster-enthusiasts from across the country and from around the world will visit Cedar Point to celebrate and enjoy roller-coaster-riding at its finest. On Friday, June 6, the Sandusky, Ohio amusement park/resort will host CoasterMania '08!