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There is more than one way to pack a bag

LONDON - Debenhams has revealed that instead of paying expensive charges for stowing cases in the hold of the plane, canny holidaymakers are using their free hand luggage allowance and "wearing" the r

Travel news: Vatican tells tourists to cover up

Tourists in skimpy summer clothing were being told to cover up before entering Vatican City today.

Has Spain had enough of tourists’ bare skin?

Madrid - While some European countries are debating whether to allow Muslim women to cover themselves from head to toe, Spaniards are asking whether it is okay for people to walk the streets in very s

Scanners that see through clothing installed in US airports

NEW YORK - Security scanners which can see through passengers' clothing and reveal details of their body underneath are being installed in 10 US airports, the US Transportation Security Administration said Tuesday.

Tourist’s clothes contained cocaine

A German man has been charged with trying to smuggle cocaine into Australia impregnated in clothes in his luggage.Customs officers stopped the 29-year-old for a bag search when he arrived at Brisbane International Airport following a flight from Auckland on Monday.The officers suspected clothes in the man's luggage may have been impregnated with drugs.