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Australia’s message: Mainstream tourism must embrace green practices

Efforts by individual tourism operators to adapt to climate change are being negatively impacted by the lack of action and drive by the broader tourism industry, and by a lack of concrete government s

Telling aviation’s story

July and August remind me of the many great things that aviation makes possible. We are a force for good in the world, driving progress, growth, and wealth — both material and of the human spirit.

Eleven lessons from Vegas

Participants to this year’s edition of the World Travel & Tourism Council annual global summit, held in Las Vegas, Nevada, took away much more than the usual lessons discussed during the two-day eve

Expert on the future gets questioned at WTTC summit

LAS VEGAS (eTN) - Dr. Ian Goldin is the director of Oxford Martin School at the University of Oxford, as well as a professional fellow at Balliol College. With such credentials, Mr.