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Minister to mayor: Clean up Kolkata and the tourists will come

KOLKATA - Union minister of state for tourism, Sultan Ahmed, who is also the Trinamool Congress MP from Howrah, has urged mayor Sovan Chatterjee to clean up the city if he intends it to become a touri

EU to airlines: Clean up or pay up

A new EU target, adopted this year, requires that airline emissions in Europe drop by three percent by 2012, and five percent by 2013.

Transport minister orders crackdown on airport scams

Transport Minister Sohpon Zarun on Wednesday ordered Airports of Thailand Plc (AoT) to step up measures at Suvarnabhumi and other airports to prevent extortion scams.

Tourist toilets clean up Nigeria

A new range of public toilets has been launched in Nigeria in a bid to clean up the country for tourists.The toilets will be stationed at markets, public transport hubs and mobile ones used for festivals.At 20 naira ($0.16) for each visit, the Nigeria Tourism Development Corporation hopes the promise of "money for muck" will create thousands of jobs.