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Liverpool tourism lays claim to “I have a dream” speech

Liverpool is famed for many things – including The Beatles and its football team. But few would associate the city with one of the most famous political speeches in history.

To my son, Michael, I bequeath my frequent flyer miles

"Sooner or later, many of us will be faced with the possibility of bequeathing or inheriting frequent flyer miles.

Dornier Aviation settles with Hainan Airlines for US$14.95 million

Wiley Rein partner H. Jason Gold, the court-authorized liquidating trustee for the bankruptcy estate of Dornier Aviation (North America), Inc.

Woman told to repay airline for diversion

NEW YORK - A New York judge ordered a disgruntled airline passenger who falsely claimed to have a bomb in her bag to pay JetBlue the cost of making an emergency landing.

Tourists’ bashing claim ‘invented for insurance’

Two British tourists have been arrested after allegedly making false complaints about getting bashed and robbed in Queenstown on Saturday night.Constable Sean Drader of the Queenstown police said the pair admitted last night to inventing the theft of their property in an attempt to make an insurance claim.