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Egyptian Tourism: Quo Vadis?

Travel & Tourism is only a bystander when geopolitical and socio-economic shifts of this magnitude take place.

Grave concerns over mass arrests in Iran

Six United Nations human rights experts on Tuesday expressed their “grave concerns about the mass arrests and ill-treatment of opposition supporters, clerics, journalists, students and others in the

Tourism and politics collide in Thailand and Fiji

Over the past week, travel professionals have encountered serious challenges to the viability of the tourism industry in Thailand and Fiji, two countries far apart in distance but facing a common perc

Spiraling tensions in Madagascar get the world’s attention

When the secretary general of the United Nations pays attention to a particular dispute, one can bet that the world is paying close attention as well.

New Mauritius immigration policy exempts French nationals

The government of Indian Ocean nation Mauritius has modified its immigration policy to attract more French tourists, especially the ones that had booked to French Caribbean colonies Guadeloupe and Mar

Death toll rises in Madagascar unrest

In a move by the government of Madagascar to retake control of its buildings, eight people are believed to have been shot dead when security forces opened fire on opposition supporters.

Extremist group in Greece attacks police

ATHENS - The shooting of a Greek policeman Monday escalates a simmering conflict between police and leftist groups – and raises new concern over a resurgence of the militant left in a country with a

Greeks know how to seize the moment

Talk about seizing the moment, what started as “anarchists” protesting the killing of a teenager by police has somehow managed to become more catastrophic with workers joining in on the action pro

Greece is burning

What began as a protest in Athens for the killing of a teenager has escalated to a full-blown crisis with tourists being urged to stay put in their rooms.