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UN urges campaign to boost prevention measures in Haitian cholera epidemic

United Nations humanitarian officials are calling for “massive mobilization activities” in Haiti to promote prevention and early treatment in the cholera epidemic which has already killed more tha

UN Mission in Haiti and the epidemic

“About three weeks ago news and photos were published showing Haitian citizens throwing stones and protesting in indignation against the forces of MINUSTAH, accusing it of having transmitted cholera

Dominican authorities protecting tourism regions from epidemic

Santo Domingo - As the World Health Organization (WHO) warns that the cholera epidemic in Haiti -with more than 292 deaths and 4,147 infected- still hasn’t reached its peak, Dominican authorities ex

Cholera epidemic continues to spread in Nigeria, 352 dead

ABUJA, Nigeria – All of Nigeria is at risk in a cholera epidemic that has killed 352 people in only three-months time, health officials warned Wednesday, as the country's rainy season continues to s