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UN: Congolese cholera outbreak continues to spread

The cholera outbreak in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) continues to intensify and has spread to the neighbouring Republic of Congo as well, the United Nations World Health Organization (WH

UN: Cholera cases increasing in Haiti and Dominican Republic

Cases of cholera are on the rise in Haiti and neighbouring Dominican Republic, the United Nations World Health Organization (WHO) reported today, saying more than 18,000 new cases in Port-au-Prince, t

Duty and the epidemic in Haiti

“Last Friday, on December 3rd, the UN decided to devote one General Assembly session to analyzing the cholera epidemic in that sister country. News of that decision was heartening.

Ministry of Tourism: Dominican Republic open for business

SANTO DOMINGO, Dominican Republic - The Dominican Republic (DR) Ministry of Tourism is providing the facts to ensure travelers have all of the information on the health situation in the DR concerning

Dominican Republic Ministry of Tourism reassures travelers

SANTO DOMINGO, Dominican Republic - The Dominican Republic Ministry of Tourism reassures visitors that the isolated case of cholera contracted in Haiti by a citizen visiting his family in that country

Cholera outbreak in Zimbabwe continues to decline, UN says

The cholera outbreak that took hold of Zimbabwe from last August sustained its downward trend last month while aid agencies continued their efforts to combat the disease, according to the latest Unite

Zimbabwe’s cholera declining, but UN health agency urges continued vigilance vital

While noting an overall downward trend in the number of cholera cases and deaths in Zimbabwe over the last two months, the United Nations World Health Organization (WHO) urged continued vigilance, cit

Trouble is mounting for fragile Zimbabwe, but “tourism cannot end”

Zimbabwe’s rapid stagnation resulting from by political instability, food crises, and economic woes is becoming direr by the minute.

ASTA takes on Delta Air Lines, plans on heading to Africa

(Questions for William A. Maloney, chief executive officer of the American Society of Travel Agents)

Zimbabwe cholera outbreak kills more than 3,000

HARARE – Cholera has killed more than 3,000 Zimbabweans and infected at least 57,000, the World Health Organization said on Wednesday, making it the deadliest outbreak in Africa in 15 years.

UN makes an urgent call about Zimbabwe

Some argue that tourism to Zimbabwe should not be encouraged until the “monster and his murderous military and paramilitary thugs are removed from power." But is boycotting tourism and stringent sa

A story about a once-thriving tourism destination

The news has been a bit shocking this week in its reporting of life in Zimbabwe. At first we hear that the cholera epidemic is getting worse.

Suspected cholera outbreak in Philippines kills 21

MANILA, Philippines - A suspected cholera outbreak in a remote southern Philippine township has killed 21 people and sickened at least 50 others, the mayor and the Red Cross said Wednesday.