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American Airlines streamlines online check-in for international passengers

Through online flight check-in at AA.com, American Airlines customers traveling both domestically, and now internationally, can check in for their flight and subsequently print or email their boarding

Online check-in at Royal Jordanian Airlines

As part of Royal Jordanian (RJ) airlines' efforts to streamline travel procedures, passengers may now check-in online and receive their boarding passes electronically.

Qantas plans airport of the future

Speaking at the National Aviation Press Club today, Qantas chief executive, Mr.

Ryanair phasing our airport check-in desks

On May 20, Ryanair will begin phasing out its airport check-in desks and from October 1 will require all customers to check in online in an effort to lower its cost base.

Air New Zealand streamlines domestic check-in and boarding

FORT LEE, NJ and AUCKLAND, New Zealand - On November 3, Air New Zealand made significant changes to its domestic check-in processes including the first of several major terminal improvements around th

Hong Kong airport introduces self-service airline check-in kiosks

Passengers of Hong Kong International Airport can now complete their airline check-in process in as little as one minute by using one of the 42 “Self check-in” kiosks available at Terminal 1, the

Bangkok Airways offers a new speedy service with web check-in

BANGKOK – Recently, Bangkok Airways began “Web Check-In” service for passengers traveling from its key domestic routes.

Hawaiian Air joins fee craze

Hawaiian Airlines said Wednesday it will charge a $15 fee for the first checked bag on flights between Hawaii and the mainland, joining a growing number of carriers with the first-bag fee.

Lot Polish Airlines extend online check-in facility to UK regional departures

LOT Polish Airlines has, for the first time, made online check-in available to passengers traveling from three UK regional airports.

Jet Airways introduces web check-in facility

Jet Airways, India’s premier international airline, introduced a web check-in facility on its flights to six major international destinations: London, Singapore, Hong Kong, Kuala Lumpur, Bangkok, and Brussels. The facility will allow passengers traveling on these sectors to check-in on the web, select their seats and print their boarding passes.