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There are still some great ways to save on summer travel

Several leading airlines promised over the weekend that they would not charge passengers for carry on bags, following Spirit Airlines announcement that it would institute up to a $45-per-bag charge fo

Amid economic downturn Europeans flock to budget airlines

BRUSSELS — Budget airlines in Europe gained 13 million more passengers last year, with cheaper prices pulling in customers amid an overall drop in air travel.

In South Korea, tourism soars on won’s decline

SEOUL -- South Korea, a country low on the list of places to see for most world travelers, is experiencing a surprise tourist boom, as the global economic crisis turns it into a shopper's paradise.

How to book your hotel for a lot less

Noisy nosedives by financial institutions and markets seemed to mark almost every day of September 2008, so it’s no surprise if you missed news of a quieter decline taking place in August: hotel occ

Airlines hope cheap fares can save them

If you've been looking for that bargain-basement airfare, this may be your time to book.

End of cheap flights boom as airlines raise fares in line...

More than five million British passengers could be priced out of the budget holiday market as airlines raise their fares, bringing the era of cheap travel to an end.

Cheap travel: is the bubble about to burst?

All the signs suggest that cheap travel is coming to an end. But don’t forgo this year’s holiday, says Nick Trend: it could be your last chance of a break at a reasonable price."You’ve never had it so good”: that was our front-page headline on this section just over a year ago when I was highlighting the incredibly good value to be had by travellers of all types.

Eos bankruptcy filing signals end to cheap executive travel

Eos, the premium airline that flew between London and New York, filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection last night, a move that appeared to signal the end of cut-price executive-only flights across the Atlantic.The American carrier’s flights were suspended last night, leaving hundreds of passengers stranded at Stan-sted and John F Kennedy airports.

Myths, facts and advice on how to snag that supercheap seat

You: "Hi. My name is Joe."Crowd: "Hi, Joe!"You: "I am an online airfare addict. It has been four hours and 22 minutes since my last travel Web site visit."Admit it -- you, me, everyone is obsessed with finding that most elusive of deals: incredibly cheap airfare for our very next trip.

For foreign tourists, Goa offers cheap thrills

PANJIM: They arrive in Goa like white chicken and leave golden-brown. They pass a lovely week eating, drinking and sunbathing, and all for less than five pounds a day. Goa may be one of the most expensive spots in India, but for the foreign tourist it is still luxury on the cheap.