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Bahrain drops charges against athletes

MANAMA, Bahrain - Charges against more than 100 Bahraini athletes who took part in the nation's unrest earlier in the year will be dropped, Bahrain's Public Prosecution Office announced yesterday.

Car-hire charges to watch for on European vacation

Car companies in Europe don't think you'll fight arcane charges in a different language - or time zone. Here's how to steer clear of the worst ones when

Airlines ripping passengers off with debit card surcharges

Airlines are still charging travelers excessive fees for booking flights with their debit cards, despite a ruling by the OFT that they should be banned.

Website helps travelers tackle airline card charges

LONDON, England - As airlines suffer a backlash from the Office of Fair Trading on the rising cost of booking by credit card, budget conscious consumers fear sticking to low cost travel could be a str

Spirit Airlines invents new “late” baggage fee

Last-minute planners beware: Spirit Airlines has added fees for travelers who wait to pay for carry-on or checked luggage within 24 hours of departure.

Any airline fee that consumer does not revolt over is going...

Airline fees, once merely irritating, have blossomed into a major source of airline profits and a growing headache for travelers.

Travel news: bikini tourist charged with indecency in Dubai

A Brit tourist was hauled before a judge in Dubai yesterday after walking through the world's biggest shopping mall in a bikini.

Seattle retiree facing federal sex tourism charges

A retiree from Seattle already imprisoned in Thailand is facing federal sex tourism charges on allegations that he bought sex from girls as young as 11.

Beating airline luggage fees with new bags

If you're one of the millions of flyers fed up over skyrocketing baggage fees, why not give up on checking your bags altogether?

O’Leary denies profiteering charges

Ryanair has been forced to defend claims it was profiteering today after the airline revealed it was hiking baggage charges just for the peak holiday period of July and August

Airlines and their added fees – 10 worst

Those little fees sure do add up.

Airline fees keep piling up

Airline fees continue to change, with most fees headed up and a few headed down. One thing's for sure, these fees are here to stay, so you need to be informed to avoid being surprised.

One upside to current extra-fee-ganza – better airline food

Airlines keep coming up with creative ways to tick people off. Spirit Airlines announced this month that it will start charging passengers as much as $45 to bring a carry-on bag.

Hotels rack their rates with ancillary charges

You've probably seen the commercial. A man is settling his bill at a hotel, gawks at an item on the invoice and says something to the effect of, "You charged me $6.95 for water?

Refusal to rob passengers separates Southwest from the rest of the...

One way Southwest Airlines differentiates itself is by charging much less for handling passengers' bags.Dallas-based Southwest allows passengers to check in up to two bags for free.

From bags to boarding – how airlines clean up

EasyJet's figures reveal how much airlines now depend on add-on charges for their profit, as it reported £511m in earnings last year from baggage fees, insurance, early boarding and credit card fees

Bogus airline surcharges become the norm

Airlines are sticking it to passengers all the way around these days.

Public opinion of budget airlines takes a downturn

The latest Kaizo Advocacy Index - a twice yearly assessment of online reputations - looks at 20 leading brands across four industry sectors.

Little-known airline fees that add up

ATLANTA — You can make waves after your next flight on Allegiant Air, but it's going to cost you extra to check your boogie board.

Avoiding exorbitant phone bills on foreign trips

When it comes to "gotcha" fees, the cell-phone industry makes travel companies look like rank amateurs.

Wrenshall pleads not guity to sex tourism charges

NEWARK, N.J. - A Canadian citizen has pleaded not guilty to charges that he arranged trips to Thailand for adults who paid to have sex with children.

Baggage fees spreading to international flights

Traveling to Europe this fall on American Airlines? Consider packing light.

American Airlines increases checked bag charges

American Airlines announced today that charges for checking a first or second bag will increase for domestic-travel tickets that are purchased on or after August 14, 2009.

Southwest may start charging baggage fees

Could baggage fees be in the Southwest Airlines’ future?Southwest CEO Gary Kelly did not rule out fees for first and second bags during a Tuesday conference call on Southwest’s earnings.

A Canadian man faces sex tourism charges in New Jersey

NEWARK, N.J. - A Canadian citizen is facing charges in New Jersey that he helped arrange trips to Thailand for adults who paid to have sex with children.

Achtung ausländische touristen!

BERLIN — Several restaurants in Berlin, one of Europe's most visited capitals, have begun issuing illicit bills to tourists with a message in English nudging them to pay more than is due.

Top nine outrageous airline fees and extreme flying charges

Just in time for the summer flying season, it looks like airlines and airports have found a new way to squeeze some more money out of us.

State charges travel company Global Escapes with deceptive trade

A family of Florida-based travel companies doing business in Austin and San Antonio are facing charges of deceptive trade practices and other business and commerce code violations from the Texas Attor