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Australian visitor charged in deadly jet-ski collision in Hawaii

A 20-year-old tourist from Australia has been charged in a Hawaii personal watercraft collision that killed a California teen, Honolulu police say.

Continental complimentary pretzels, R.I.P.

What are iconic and twisted and no longer free? Pretzels aboard some Continental Airlines flights.

WestJet to begin charging for 2nd checked bag

Effective Jan. 19, 2011, WestJet will begin charging travellers $20 for a second checked bag.

American Airlines: Front row seats to cost extra

NEW YORK – American Airlines has found another fee.

DO NOT talk to Spirit Airlines’ employees, or it will cost...

NEW YORK - Tuesday night, Spirit Airlines announced that it is considering charging passengers a fee to speak with a human being at the airport.

Rome slated to become more expensive in 2011

As Americans chose Italy as their number one international vacation destination, Rome is sure to top their lists of must-see cities.

Aviation news: Standing room “seats” coming to Ryanair

Budget airline Ryanair is planning to sell tickets for as little as $6 — if you're willing to stand.

Thai ex-PM Thaksin charged with terrorism over his role in deadly...

BANGKOK – Thai authorities accused ousted Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra of terrorism Tuesday, issuing an arrest warrant on charges that carry a possible death sentence for his alleged role in de

Australian man arrested in Cambodia for child sex

According to media sources in Phnom Penh, Cambodian police arrested an Australian man on suspicion of paying for sex with underage girls over a number of years.

Continental Airlines is changing its tune on food

ATLANTA — Attention coach passengers.

British Airways computer expert charged with plotting suicide bombings

A British Airways computer expert who allegedly offered to cover for cabin crew in the event of a strike appeared in court today charged with plotting suicide bombings.

Six Florida agencies charged in travel insurance scam

Florida regulators have charged six travel agencies, including one in Boynton Beach, with using unlicensed agents to sell bogus trip insurance policies through a company never authorized to do busines

American Airlines to start charging for standby seats

Starting Feb. 22, American will no longer offer the free standby option for its non-elite passengers.

American Airlines to charge for blankets starting May 1

American Airlines will begin charging $8 for blankets starting on May 1. The airline will not have blankets available at all for flights less than two hours.

Southwest: You’re free to surf the Net, but you’ll have to...

Ding! You are now free to surf the Net -- but on Southwest Airlines, you'll have to pay for it.

Hawaii to charge tourists to enter and park at state parks

HONOLULU - A pricey change at many popular tourist spots around Hawaii.Many visitors will now have to pay to enter and park at some state parks.

Cathay Pacific offers extra-legroom seats for extra $100

Hong Kong - Hong Kong's main airline Cathay Pacific was offering economy class seats Tuesday with extra legroom for up to 100 US dollars extra per passenger.

Councils want to charge tourists for visits to the Blue Mountains

Tourists will be forced to pay to visit world-heritage listed rainforests in New South Wales by money-hungry councils.

Southwest adds $10 “EarlyBird Check-in” charge

DALLAS – Unlike other carriers, Southwest Airlines doesn't give passengers assigned seats, but now for $10 each way it's giving customers a better shot at scoring a window or aisle seat.

Union members accuse British Airways of suffering from an identity crisis

British Airways (BA) announced that it will charge for seat reservations, a move that Unite, the UK's largest aviation union and the largest union representing workers at British Airways, says is caus

United starts charging for second bag on international flights

United Airlines joins the ranks of other major US carriers in charging a fee for a second checked bag for international flights.

Hawaiian Airlines joins Go! in shaking down island-hopping tourists and locals

HONOLULU — Hawaiian Airlines says it will join its competitors in charging a fee for the first checked bag on interisland flights.

France to charge tourists for rescue

French tourists that are thinking about heading off to some of the more risky foreign destinations may be asked to pay the bill if the French government has to come to their rescue.

US Airways to charge more for checked baggage at airport

US Airways says it will charge passengers an extra $5 per bag to check luggage at the airport rather than online.

United Airlines to charge overweight passengers for two seats

Passengers carrying extra baggage on their bodies will have to pay for an extra seat - if they want to fly the friendly skies.

Airline travel keeps getting more ridiculous

First they took away the peanuts, then the pillows and blankets. Now an airline is mulling over charging for toilet usage, too?

US Airways to no longer charge for refreshments

After other airlines refused to follow its lead, US Airways on Monday said it would again offer complimentary beverages to its economy-class passengers after the practice put them at a competitive dis

US Airways to charge for pillows

US Airways passengers soon won't find free pillows and blankets in the overhead bin anymore, unless they're flying first class or to Europe.

What it costs an airline to fly your luggage

As you head off on your Thanksgiving travels this week and prepare to pay airline baggage fees, you may wonder what it actually costs the airline to fly your 40-pound suitcase.