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Boeing advances in-flight connectivity options for passengers

SEATTLE, Wash. - Boeing continues to advance its suite of connectivity offerings on its family of commercial jetliners.

New service launched for Goa tourists

Information on tourist and cultural hot spots - forts, beaches, heritage sites, religious sites, waterfalls and other places of interest will now be available at the tips of your fingers.

Avoiding exorbitant phone bills on foreign trips

When it comes to "gotcha" fees, the cell-phone industry makes travel companies look like rank amateurs.

Inflight cell phone ban considered by US Congress

WASHINGTON - A flight attendants' union says it supports a U.S. congressional bill to ban cell phone use by passengers while a plane is in flight.

Airlines expanding cellphone boarding passes

More travelers are gaining a new weapon to help them avoid the long lines at the airport this spring and summer: their cellphones.