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The real price of virtual kidnappings

A man travels to Mexico on business. During his trip, his wife receives a call from her husband’s cell phone. Upon answering, she hears screaming.

Southwest apologizes to Muslim passenger kicked off plane

A San Diego State University graduate student was kicked off a flight at San Diego International Airport because a zealous flight attendant thought her saying "I've got to go," on her cell phone, befo

Book a trip on El Al and receive a free cell...

El Al Israel Airlines has started a promotion whereby passengers who buy a roundtrip ticket from a major US city to Israel via their airline, will be given a free cell phone to use when they are in Is

New technology allows passengers to download boarding passes onto their cell...

A UK company that has developed technology that allows passengers to download boarding passes onto their cell phones has been spun out of its parent group in a GBP27.8 million (USD$42 million) deal.

FAA supervisor takes cell phone call while conducting training

EDEN PRAIRIE, MN - Last Wednesday, in a brazenly callous move, the Federal Aviation Administration supervisor at the Flying Cloud Airport control tower turned his back on runway operations during an o

Airline passenger refuses to hang up cell phone during flight

Dallas police met a Southwest Airlines plane at Dallas Love Field on Monday after flight staff reported that a passenger refused to stop using his mobile phone during the flight.Joe David Jones, 50, was cited for disorderly conduct, Dallas police said.