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Cayman’s tourism can raise its game by taking care of small...

Cayman’s tourist industry can raise its game by taking care of the small things, according to the boss of a transportation company.

Routes still not straightened out for Air Jamaica

While the top brass of Air Jamaica and representatives of Caribbean Airlines Limited (CAL) were meeting with Jamaican media on Wednesday, April 28, here in Kingston, a similar meeting was being held i

Cayman needs to monitor the growing Cuban tourism industry

In response to reports of a planned luxury resort in Cuba, which could cut into Cayman’s travel business, local tourism representatives have called for proactive measures to remain competitive in an expanding market. According to a 2 June report, Cuba is expected to announce the development of a £275 million luxury golf resort by a British-based company.

Cruise visitor arrivals plummet in Cayman

According to official figures, and allowing for disruption by Hurricane Ivan in September 2004, total cruise ship arrivals in 2007 fell to pre-2003 levels.
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