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Will carry-on fees end overweight luggage overhead?

It appears that Spirit Airlines' latest fee levy for carry-on luggage was the straw that broke the camel's back. Passengers have simply had enough of the never-ending deluge of airline fees.

Carry-on baggage size requirements may go universal in the US

United States House of Representatives by Rep. Daniel Lipinski (D-IL) has submitted a bill that seeks to set one enforceable standard for all bags carried onboard US commercial aircraft.

Carry-on bags charge: Need or…greed?

MIAMI ― Savvy travelers who think they can get around an airline's new fees for checked bags by just bringing a big carry on may have to come up with a 'plan B'

The carry-on-baggage police will soon be out in force at airports

As American, United and US Airways prepare to start collecting fees on every piece of checked luggage, including $30 round trip to check one bag and an additional $50 round trip to check a second, they are also getting ready to strictly enforce limits on carry-on baggage - which are commonly flouted -- in hopes of minimizing delays and disruption as flights board.

Waging the Battle of the Overhead Bin

ON her US Airways flight from New Orleans to Washington this month, Corinne Marasco, a science writer from Kingstowne, Va., was forced to check her small wheelie bag at the gate because there was no room left in the overhead bins.