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Sir Richard Branson has seen the enemy and it is carbon

Virgin chief Richard Branson touted the Carbon War Room, a group of entrepreneurs, public sector officials and industry leaders as a way to “remove gigatons of carbon out of industry.” Branson, sp

Kenya Airways to participate in EU emissions scheme

It was learned that Kenya Airways has joined hands with the UK environmental agency by submitting an emissions management plan aimed at reducing its carbon footprint in coming years considerably.

South Africa slaps down African climate goals

It appears that South Africa may have broken ranks with the rest of the African continent over their joint approach towards the Climate Summit in Copenhagen, when news emerged from Pretoria that South

TUI banks on Boeing to cut its carbon

TUI Travel aims to cut its carbon footprint with technologically-advanced Boeing 787 aircraft joining its fleet – although the recession means it has cancelled 10 of the 23 it had originally ordered

Copa Airlines launches voluntary carbon offsetting program

PANAMA CITY - Copa Airlines, subsidiary of Copa Holdings, SA, launched a voluntary carbon offsetting program.
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