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Alaska Airlines flight diverted after captain loses consciousness mid-flight

An Alaska Airlines flight was diverted to Portland, Oregon, after the captain lost consciousness and the first officer was forced to take over, an airline spokesman said.

This is your captain speaking: please prepare for turbulence

SANTA BARBARA, CA - Before taking a trip research the weather in flight and at your destination. Pack accordingly and double check that your most important documents aren't left behind.

Investigators: Accident could have been prevented if captain used plane’s rudder

WASHINGTON — The captain of an airliner that ran off a runway in Denver during a strong crosswind could have prevented the accident if he had used the plane's rudder to correct its direction, federa

United Airlines settles pornography suit

SEATTLE - An attorney for a former United Airlines pilot says her client's lawsuit against the U.S. airline over pornographic items found on flights has been settled.

Ethiopian captain establishes domestic airline

An Ethiopian pilot, Captain Abera Lemi, has established a domestic airline, called Air Ethiopia, which will provide passenger and cargo, ambulance, charter, scheduled and non-scheduled flight services

SriLankan Airlines appoints first lady captain

SriLankan Airlines recently marked a significant milestone in the country’s aviation history when captain Anusha Siriratne was appointed as the national carrier’s first lady captain.