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Destination news: Officials warn tourists after shark attack

A tourist took photographs of a shark attacking a seal close to the beach on the Cape Cod National Seashore, the park's chief ranger said today.

Cape tourists looking to go out and see ’Jaws’

When great white sharks arrived off the Cape last year, "our phones went crazy with people looking to go out and see 'Jaws,' " Keith Lincoln of Monomoy Island Ferry said.

Hyannis, Cape Cod, USA: where?

When I think about leaving New York and going somewhere else, the first item I look for is my passport. Why do I know more about Thailand than the USA?

Sharks are fear factor for Cape Cod tourism

In the movie "Jaws," a solitary great white prowls the coastal waters of a beach town, terrorizing locals.

In tight times, Cape Cod remains the place for weddings

An open-air trolley ride, group photos taken on the beach, a sunset ceremony on a whale-watching cruise ship.