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Calls, e-mails and more – Virgin Atlantic unveils cutting edge entertainment...

Passengers will soon be able to make calls and receive emails in the sky on board Virgin Atlantic flights, the carrier has confirmed.

Carnival ‘reviewing’ plans to call in Mexico in wake of US...

Industry giant Carnival is reviewing its decision to go ahead with cruise ship calls in Mexico this week in the wake of the U.S.

Protest calls for Hawaii tourism chief’s ouster

About two dozen protesters shouted "Rex Johnson has to go!" in unison as they carried placards and marched today down Waikiki's Kalakaua Avenue — in the heart of Hawai'i's tourist mecca.

Mobile service solution for foreign tourists in China

BEIJING - China Mobile has introduced a mobile service solution especially for the Olympics, which allows foreign tourists to make domestic and international calls within the domestic network.

Where we stand on in-flight mobile phone calls

Air FranceCurrently testing OnAir mobile phone technology on one Airbus A318 aircraft, which flies within Europe. Air France claims to be the first airline to test in-flight mobile phone useage on international flights.Tests started in mid December with text messages and emails only and was extended to voice calls from mid-April, and will run until June/July.

Emirates says first to offer inflight mobile calls

DUBAI — Dubai-based Emirates airlines said on Thursday it has become the first carrier in the world to commercially launch an inflight mobile telephone service.It said the first authorised mobile telephone call made from a commercial flight was made on Thursday at 30,000 feet (about 9,000 metres) from an Emirates Airbus A340-300 aircraft travelling from Dubai to Casablanca.