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Ethiopian Airlines and EU to establish Ethio-European International Business School

Ethiopian Airlines, the largest Aviation Group in Africa and SKYTRAX Certified Four Star Global Airline, and European Union Delegation to Ethiopia signed a letter...

New duds make Air Canada Rouge crew look like extras from...

A new low-cost air carrier has unveiled a ‘hipster-chic’ uniform for cabin crew in a bid to ensure that their service appeals to younger travelers.

JAL Group unveils new set of uniforms

JAL Group (JAL) today unveiled the Group's brand new set of uniforms for approximately 26,700 of its staff members, including flight crew, cabin attendants, various ground staff at the airport and cit

Bangkok Airways new uniform strikes 1 of 7 most outstanding flight...

BANGKOK, Thailand - Recently, Bangkok Airways’ new cabin attendant uniform was acclaimed as 1 of 7 most outstanding airline uniforms of the world by Condé Nast Traveler Magazine in the article -

Lufthansa flight attendants to strike throughout Germany on Friday

Lufthansa cabin staff will strike throughout Germany on Friday, upping the stakes in a battle over pay and conditions that threatens to drag on for weeks and cost Germany's biggest airline tens of mil

Lufthansa cabin staff strike begins on Friday

Cabin staff at German airline Lufthansa will begin their strike action on Friday, the workers' union has said.

Virgin Australia sends cabin crew to etiquette, posture and language classes

Virgin Australia cabin crew are being ordered to take classes in etiquette, posture and language as part of the company's bid to take on Qantas as the airline of choice for business-class passengers.

Pakistan International Airlines cabin crew caught shoplifting in UK

Police in Manchester have met officials of an international airline over claims that cabin crew have been caught shoplifting in the city.

British Airways cabin crew to use iPads

HARMONDSWORTH, England - British Airways cabin crew are using the latest iPad model to bring a new dimension to customer service in the air.

Lufthansa crew dons traditional Bavarian costumes for Oktoberfest

For the past six years, in the run-up to the Oktoberfest, a special Lufthansa crew has taken off from Munich dressed in the traditional Bavarian style.

British Airways, union reach peace deal

The agreement reached between the airline and the Unite trade union was backed at a mass meeting of nearly 2000 members of the cabin crew branch, the British Airlines Stewards and Stewardesses Associa

Hong Kong Airlines makes kung fu training compulsory for cabin crew

In order to help staff to deal with drunk and unruly passengers a Hong Kong carrier is making all its cabin crew take kung fu lessons.

Thai PC Air recruits ladyboys as stewardesses

A newly launched Thai airline has hired six transsexuals to their flight attendant crew in what they felt is an effort to promote an equal opportunity agenda for what they consider the “third sex”

Aer Lingus calls union bluff

The management at Aer Lingus finally called the bluff of the Impact trade union last week.

Striking turns into favorite pastime for BA cabin crew

It was announced today that British Airways cabin crew have voted in favor of strikes, raising the renewed threat of action which could cripple flights in the run-up to Easter.

Philippine Airlines rejects government order to raise pay

MANILA — Philippine Airlines said Monday it had rejected a government order to raise pay for its cabin crew and allow air hostesses to fly until they turned 60, calling the ruling absurd and illegal

British Airways seeks info on cabin crew criticism of airline

British Airways has asked call centre staff to collect complaints by passengers about cabin crew discussing strike action with customers or making "adverse comments" about the airline.

British Airways labor row continues

LONDON - British Airways PLC has suspended another member of cabin crew who also acts as a union representative for British Airlines Stewards and Stewardesses Association, highlighting continuing tens

British Airways cabin crew snubs airline’s latest offer

LONDON—British Airways PLC's cabin crew on Tuesday rejected the airline's latest proposal aimed at ending a long-running dispute between the two sides over working conditions that has cost BA more t

Brtitish Airways cabin crew strike into 20th day

British Airways cabin crew will on Monday take their 20th day of strike action, with no sign of a breakthrough in their bitter dispute with the airline.

British Airways the only UK carrier to award pay rises

The pay of British Airways cabin crew rose by 5 per cent last year despite the airline reporting record losses and other carriers cutting or freezing crew salaries.

Cabin crew of bankrupt airline produces nude calendar to recoup lost...

The cabin crew of a bankrupt budget Spanish airline produced a nude calendar to publicize their battle to recoup their lost wages, Spain's La Voz Libre reported Wednesday.

Talks between British Airways, union collapse, cabin crew strikes

LONDON – A three-day strike by British Airways cabin crew affecting thousands of travelers began Saturday after last-ditch talks between the airline's management and union leaders collapsed.
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