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Travel industry petitions US government over American Airlines-US Airways merger

BRUSSELS, Belgium - Business Travel Coalition (BTC) today transmitted a letter to U.S.

IATA statement following Abu Dhabi conference labeled illusion

ALEXANDRIA, Virginia — The American Society of Travel Agents (ASTA) and Business Travel Coalition (BTC) today rejected emphatically the claim by IATA that the new “standard” it has developed for

BTC presentation to US DOT Advisory Committee for Aviation Consumer Protection

WASHINGTON, D.C. - The Advisory Committee for Aviation Consumer

Impacts of hidden airline fees on managed travel programs

There are 2.4 million viable travel routing options (http://fwd4.me/11EV) between San Francisco and Boston alone.

Delta customers “mad as hell”

Business Travel Coalition (BTC) and Consumer Travel Alliance (CTA) has denounced Delta Air Lines’ practice of charging frequent-flier members higher airfares on its website than consumers who did no

Proposed US Airways-American Airlines merger causes concern

RADNOR, PA - Business Travel Coalition (BTC) today called upon the U.S.

Congress urged to stop airlines from violating Federal Aviation Act

RADNOR, PA - Business Travel Coalition (BTC) today transmitted a letter signed by some 150 organizations to Congressional conference committee members negotiating a long-term reauthorization of the Fe

BTC: Spirit Airlines lying to its customers and flying public

RADNOR, PA - Business Travel Coalition (BTC) today denounced Spirit Airlines for lying to its customers and the flying public regarding a new U.S.

Serious questions raised by FAA decision to not ground Southwest aircraft

The following statement was released today by the Business Travel Coalition (BTC) regarding the US Federal Aviation Administration’s (FAA) decision to allow Southwest Airlines to continue to fly Boe

United Airlines responds to criticism of credit card cost transfer

The Business Travel Coalition (BTC) has released a copy of United Airlines' July 2 response to the BTC’s criticism of the carrier's credit card/cost transfer policy that takes effect July 20.

Tearing down travel segments to form a united industry

Business Travel Coalition (BTC) today, in the aftermath of National Transportation Safety Board hearings examining the Colgan Air crash, transmitted a letter to congress signed by sixty-five corporate

BTC urges industry protest DOT decision

Warning of higher prices and reduced options, the Business Travel Coalition (BTC) is inviting North American, European and all other travel buyers and travel management companies (TMC) to join a BTC S

Oil-fueled catastrophe in the airline industry would cripple US economy and...

A new study prepared by the Business Travel Coalition (BTC) has revealed that the skyrocketing price of aviation fuel will have devastating implications far beyond new surcharges for checked bags and
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