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Omnivest plans to build $1 billion resort in Salalah

MUSCAT - Oman's Ominvest OMAN.OM is planning to build a $1 billion tourism resort in the southern port city of Salalah, the company's chairman said on Wednesday.

Hawaii to be the site of world’s largest telescope

HONOLULU – Hawaii was chosen Tuesday as the site for the world's biggest telescope, a device so powerful that it will allow scientists to see some 13 billion light years away and get a glimpse into

Starwood announces plans to build a luxury hotel in Bermuda

HAMILTON, Bermuda — A U.S. hotel and leisure company announced plans Monday to build a luxury hotel in Bermuda, where the vital tourism sector has been hit hard by the global economic crisis.

Dan Hotels looks to India

The board of Dan Hotels Corp. Ltd. has decided to consider launching hotel activity in India. The company is already in talks to buy land and build a hotel on the site.

Build a Mount Rainier scenic loop and tourists will come, say...

Community leaders in the foothills around Mount Rainier say they'd like to see a new scenic byway that would complete a loop around the mountain.They suggest building a highway extension from Eatonville to Enumclaw to complete a route of scenic byways all the way around the peak.

Bali to build modern port for cruise ships

Denpasar - A modern and permanent port for foreign cruise ships will be built in the Indonesia`s island resort of Bali, chief of Bali Provincial Transportation Office Putu Sujana Cahyanta has said.