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China hotel chain expands into Indonesia

OYO chain of hotels and homes is seeing exponential growth in Indonesia in less than three months of its operations in the country. Launched...

Global travel retail market: Strategies and forecasts

The global travel retail market was at US$ 63.59 billion in 2017 growing with a CAGR of 8.1% during the forecast period from 2018 to 2026.

About to be on Strike: Flair Airlines

The Canadian Union of Public Employees has filed 72-hour strike notice for Local 4060, representing 139 flight attendants who work for ultra-low-cost carrier Flair Airlines.

Avoiding sneaky budget carrier charges

LONDON, England - They've been at it yet again.

Middle East’s low-cost carriers grow at incredible rate

ABU DHABI, UAE - The Middle East’s low-fare sector has demonstrated a dramatic pace of growth in the last decade which shows no signs of abating, according to OAG, the market leader in airline sched

AirAsia purchases Batavia Air for $80 million in cash

JAKARTA, Indonesia - Largest budget airline in Asia, AirAsia Bhd, is purchasing Indonesian carrier Batavia Air for $80 million in cash.

Budget carriers jacking up surcharges before summer holidays

Budget airlines are sneakily ramping up surcharges for millions of passengers before the summer holidays.

EasyJet plans to start assigning seats on its flights

Budget airline passengers could soon be spared the ordeal of a seating free-for-all when they board their flights.

The gloves are off in European budget airlines wars

The "Cola Wars" of the mid-1980s was a dark time for the soft drink industry.

Budget carriers battle for passengers on Boston-Baltimore route

A battle is being waged in the skies between Boston and Baltimore.

Budget airlines lobby EU for Single European Sky

A group of low cost airlines have come together to demand that the European Union (EU) gets the ball rolling on harmonising European air traffic management and implementing the long-awaited Single Eur

Korea’s budget airline market getting crowded

Korea's two largest airlines have joined the low-cost carrier business, with Korean Air having founded Air Korea and Asiana Airlines having bought a controlling stake in Pusan International Air, which has launched budget carrier Air Pusan.

Ryanair prepares to prey on rivals during downturn

France’s president, Nicolas Sarkozy, and his new wife, Carla Bruni, scored a notable victory last week against Ryanair, the budget airline. For the unauthorised use of a picture of the couple in a newspaper advertisement, a French court ordered the airline to pay Bruni €60,000 (£45,000) in damages, plus a symbolic €1 to her husband.

Cheap air fares ‘killing British tourism’

Budget airlines are "squeezing the life out of British tourism" and the government is exacerbating the problem by promoting expansion of the aviation industry, MPs were told yesterday. Budget hotel chain Travelodge accused Ryanair and easyJet of driving an £18bn "tourism deficit" by drawing British holidaymakers away from Britain with low fares underpinned by state tax breaks.
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