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Temple stay tourism booming in South Korea

As a paying guest at Mihwangsa, there's no need to book a morning wake-up call.It's provided well before sunrise, at 4 am to be precise... and it isn't optional.

Vesak Day 2556 BE/2012 Ceremony at the Borobudur Temple

On Vesak Day 2556 BE/2012, which this year falls on Sunday, May 6, thousands of devotees will congregate at the

India launches tourism campaign targeting Chinese Buddhists

Eyeing China's fast expanding outbound tourism market, which has, so far, largely bypassed India, the Indian government has launched a tourism campaign targeting the world's fastest-growing Buddhist p

India to improve and promote Buddhist tourism circuit

The Ministry of Tourism signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the International Finance Corporation (IFC), an agency of the World Bank, on Wednesday here to improve and promote the Buddhist

Envoy: Indian tourists will be drawn to China by Buddhism

KOLKATA - Lord Buddha may have been born in Nepal and attained Nirvana in India, but it is China which has the largest number of World Heritage Sites of Buddhism, says Mao Siwei, Consul-General of Chi

India, Asean discuss joint Buddhist pilgrimage tourism

In an effort to broaden the prospect of spiritual tourism, representatives of India and Asean have discussed ways to develop joint Buddhist pilgrimage tours in the region.