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Italy gives Pakistani heritage a facelift

ISLAMABAD, Pakistan (eTN) - In ancient literature, there is a frequent reference to the River “Suvastu.” The valley of the Suvastu River is today's Swat River valley on the banks of the River Swat

Vesak Day 2556 BE/2012 Ceremony at the Borobudur Temple

On Vesak Day 2556 BE/2012, which this year falls on Sunday, May 6, thousands of devotees will congregate at the

New campaign to lure visitors to Buddha’s birthplace

LUMBINI, Nepal - Nepal's president announced a campaign Saturday to lure hundreds of thousands of tourists and pilgrims this year to visit the area of the country where Buddha was born.

UN chief: Buddha’s teachings offer guidance to solving key global problems

As millions of people worldwide observe the birth, enlightenment and passing of the Buddha, Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon has paid tribute to the spiritual leader’s teaching on the need for compassi

Project to conserve birthplace of Buddha begins in Nepal

An international team of archaeologists has begun a three-year survey, coordinated by the UN Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), of the archaeological ruins of Lumbini, the bir