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British “holi-debts” reach GBP5.5 billion

LONDON, England - Vacationing Britons overspent by more than GBP5.5 billion whilst on their holidays this summer, setting themselves up for months of repayments and cost-cutting, according to new rese

UK riots keep British holidaymakers in Bali

Street unrest taking place in the United Kingdom is causing some British holidaymakers to extend their stays in Bali.

Brits: Nothing beats a good old giggle

LONDON, England - The best things in life are the simplest - and when it comes to enjoying simple pleasures it seems that, for many Brits, nothing beats a good old giggle.

Travel news: Goldtrail bankruptcy leaves 16,000 Britons stranded while on holiday

When Goldtrail, a Turkey and Greece tour operator, went into bankruptcy on Friday afternoon, July 16, 2010, suddenly 16,000 Britons abroad found themselves

Britons and Brazilians now have easier connection with TAM and bmi...

Travelers wishing to travel between the United Kingdom and Brazil are giving you another option starting today, April 14, thanks to a codeshare agreement between UK’s bmi and Brazil's TAM airlines.

R.O.A.R.: For the times they are “a-changing”

“…For The Times They Are A-Changing…”--Bob Dylan

With oil prices rising and Britons seeking to tighten their belts...

A couple of weeks ago, the Passenger Shipping Association celebrated its 50th anniversary at the National Maritime Museum in Greenwich, using the occasion to announce just how buoyant (if you’ll forgive the pun) cruising had been in 2007.

Britons keen on Egypt’s El Gouna

New figures just released have confirmed that El Gouna, the Red Sea’s premier leisure destination, remains a popular choice with traveling Brits.