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Dollar hike should not reduce demand from Brazilian tourists for US...

Leonel Rossi Jr., VP of International Affairs of ABAV, said the dollar appreciation should not result in retracted demand from Brazilians for U.S. destinations during the July vacations.

Bedouin gunmen kidnap Brazilian tourists in Sinai

Egypt's security sources say that two Brazilian visitors traveling through Egypt's Sinai Peninsula on Sunday have been abducted after a visit to an isolated mountain monastery.

Israeli tourism increases volume of activity in Brazil

The Appointments Committee at the Tourism Ministry has confirmed the appointment of Susan Klagesbrun as director of the Israel Government Tourist Office in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

Florida enjoying Brazilian tourist invasion

ORLANDO, Fla. - "Oi -- Sejam bem-vindos!" -- meaning "Hi, welcome!" -- is a Portuguese phrase heard more and more these days at Florida's tourist spots.

Tourists flock to Buenos Aires for New Year celebration

According to the supervision of hotel-reservations that has been required by Buenos Aires Tourism Office a large number of tourists will be coming to the city, especially those from Brazil who have bo

Lisbon launches campaign to attract 400,000 Brazilian tourists in 2009

Sao Paulo – The mayor of Lisbon, António Costa, Tuesday in Brazil launched a campaign to promote tourism to the Portuguese capital, with the aim of attracting 400,000 Brazilians in 2009.