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Philippines targets 8.2 million tourists in 2019

The Philippines welcomed 7,127,168 foreign visitors in 2018, and the Philippine Department of Tourism saying it is aiming for 8.2 million this year. The...

Deadly terror attack on Catholic Cathedral during mass putting tourism plans...

Jolo Island in the Philippines means a mixture of Muslims and Christians trying to live together. The region had big plans to become a...

Island trips for Chinese tourists on course for sustained growth

Being spot on with what island tours have to offer is important as tourists perceive certain destinations, for instance ones in the South-east Asia,...

Philippine government: Holy Week tourists safe in Boracay

BORACAY, Philippines - The government said today that security measures are in place to ensure the safety of tourists who will be spending the Holy Week here.

Revisiting Boracay and myself

Visa and tickets? Check. Suitcases and a 24-hour pink lipstick? Check. Protective sunglasses and a one million dollar smile? Double check!

Find your island paradise in Bohol

My wife, Liza, and I visited Bohol after a few days at the much more famous Philippine beach resort of Boracay.

Koreans are number one Boracay tourists

MALAY, Aklan, Philippines — Koreans are still the number one foreign tourists visiting the world renowned island resort of Boracay.

Boracay, Philippines welcomes Best Western hotel

BANGKOK - Best Western International will soon open a hotel in Boracay, Philippines, a top worldwide tourist destination in the country.

Boracay prepares for Russian tourists

MANILA, Philippines - Tourism front-line workers are taking crash courses in Russian to prepare for the entry of Russian tourists to Boracay Island, an online news site reported.
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