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Bomb blast rocks northern Tanzania tourist city of Arusha again

TANZANIA (eTN) - A bomb blast which hit Tanzania’s northern tourist city of Arusha Saturday evening had raised an eyebrow over volatile security in Tanzania with a possibility of terrorists hibernat

Nightspot attacked in Mombasa

(eTN) - The Moi Avenue based Bella Vista Night Club and Restaurant in Mombasa was hit last evening by what has been described as both gunfire and an explosion.

Turkish Airlines hijacker subdued, arrested

Istanbul, Turkey (CNN) -- A man claiming to have a bomb tried to enter the cockpit of a Turkish Airlines plane about to land in Istanbul, Turkey, but was tackled by passengers and taken into custody.

Bomb found near popular tourist market in Yongon

YANGON, Myanmar — Authorities in Myanmar found a bomb hidden near a popular tourist market in Yangon, state media reported Saturday, accusing anti-government groups of trying to instigate violence a

Bombing in Central Bangkok kills 1, wounds 10

A bomb has exploded in front of a department store in the Ratchadamri shopping district, killing one person and injuring eight.

3 British Muslims sentenced in trans-Atlantic flights bomb plot

LONDON — Three British Muslims convicted of participating in a plot to bomb trans-Atlantic airliners have been sentenced to at least 20 years in prison each.

Massage shoes land airline passenger in jail

Was it a terrorist intent on destroying an airplane? Or was it a passenger armed only with battery-powered "massage shoes" to comfort aching feet, who found himself cooling his heels in jail?

Bombs in Silom leave one dead and around 85 wounded

Red Shirts and pro-government supporters at the Silom crossroads, around the Dusit Thani Hotel area, turned tragic tonight as four grenades exploded near the MRT station.

LAN office in Buenos Aires bombed

BUENOS AIRES, Argentina - A bomb exploded early Tuesday at a Chilean airline office in Buenos Aires, causing moderate damage but no injuries, the airline and government news agencies reported.

4 tourists killed, 3 injured in Yemen bombing

SAN'A, Yemen — A bomb killed four South Korean tourists and their local guide in Yemen on Sunday, officials said, the latest such attack targeting foreigners visiting this poor Arab country that has

‘Drunk’ man aboard Turkish Airlines flight claimed to have bomb

ST. PETERSBURG, Russia - A drunken man claiming to have a bomb tried to hijack a Russian-bound Turkish Airlines plane on Wednesday but was quickly overpowered by fellow passengers, officials said.

Woman told to repay airline for diversion

NEW YORK - A New York judge ordered a disgruntled airline passenger who falsely claimed to have a bomb in her bag to pay JetBlue the cost of making an emergency landing.