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737 MAX production halt sends Boeing stock into nosedive

mm Chief Assignment Editor- January 22, 2020

Boeing stock was down 3.3 percent on Wednesday at $313.37 per share, its lowest level in a year. Trading was ... Read More

Boeing identifies new ‘vulnerability’ in 737 MAX software

mm Chief Assignment Editor- January 17, 2020

The Boeing Corporation announced that it identified new problems with the software of the Boeing 737 MAX aircraft, according to ... Read More

Boeing 2019 aircraft delivery numbers lowest since 2008

mm Chief Assignment Editor- January 15, 2020

Boeing lost 87 orders for commercial planes last year, meaning cancellations outnumbered new purchases in 2019. It delivered just 79 ... Read More

FAA’s $5.4M Boeing fine dwarfed by fired CEO’s $62M in ‘benefits’

mm Chief Assignment Editor- January 11, 2020

US Federal Aviation Administration said in a statement on Friday that Boeing had "had “failed to adequately oversee its suppliers ... Read More

Boeing internal message: 737 MAX jet ‘designed by clowns’

mm Chief Assignment Editor- January 10, 2020

Boeing has released another cache of internal company messages that suggest the US aerospace giant lied to regulators about the ... Read More

Boeing scrambling for cash to survive 737 MAX disaster

mm Chief Assignment Editor- January 6, 2020

According to new report, the Boeing Company is looking to raise more cash to help it to soften the financial ... Read More

737 MAX fiasco fallout: Boeing to pay Turkish Airlines $225 million

mm Chief Assignment Editor- December 31, 2019

Turkish Airlines officials announced today that Turkey's national flag carrier has reached an agreement with Boeing regarding "financial compensation" for losses ... Read More

Air Astana to buy 30 Boeing 737 MAX jets

mm Chief Assignment Editor- November 19, 2019

Air Astana intends to order 30 Boeing 737 MAX 8 airplanes to serve as the backbone of its new low-cost ... Read More

Airline passenger group publishes scathing report on Boeing 737 MAX

mm Chief Assignment Editor- November 6, 2019

FlyersRights.org, the official representative of passengers to the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) on air safety, has released a detailed White ... Read More

US airlines: Restoring traveling public’s trust in Boeing 737 MAX top priority

mm Chief Assignment Editor- November 4, 2019

American Airlines, Southwest Airlines and United Airlines are planning to conduct Boeing 737 MAX demonstration flights with senior company officials, ... Read More

Boeing Corporate Greed over Safety and Cover Up? Pilot silenced?

Juergen T Steinmetz Juergen T Steinmetz- October 18, 2019

Is Boeing 737 Max now safe? Absolutely not according to insiders. A shocking report revealed today alleges Boeing was aware ... Read More