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Tourism related blog makes interesting reading

Derren Joseph from Trinidad wrote of his blog about the new drive behind the creole tropical islands of the Seychelles.

Arizona-boycott blog post stirs up a hornet’s nest

Arthur Frommer, whose travel guidebook series changed the way we see the world, has stirred up a hornet’s nest with his blog post that criticized the state of Arizona and threatened a personal boyco

Chinese students help promote Hawaii

HONOLULU, HI — Three students attending the Macau University of Science and Technology have started a blog in Chinese about Hawaii as part of a six-week internship at PacRim Marketing Group, Inc.

Blog helps tourism industry better understand Chinese tourists

Australian learning and development company, TravConsult, has just launched an interactive educational blog, called TravConsult China, in order to help tourism organizations, businesses, tourism profe

Raising awareness of health issues during international travel

A new health and travel blog has been launched to facilitate a conversation and raise awareness of important issues for international travelers.

Travelocity’s Window Seat Blog alerts travelers to Fall travel freebies

Travelocity's Window Seat ( http://windowseat.travelocity.com), a blog for every traveler, has honed in on everyone's favorite word: free.

CEIR relaunches blog with first post centered on ROI Tool Kit

DALLAS, TX (August 19, 2008) - The Center for Exhibition Industry Research (CEIR) has revitalized its CEIR Blog, first launched in November 2007 as a follow-up to CEIR's Resource Center Special Report

Are you nutty enough to be the next blog star?

DALLAS, TX (August 7, 2008) - America holds auditions for hot new models, undiscovered singers and dancers who want to make it big.