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North Korea blames Seoul for the death of Mt. Kumgang tourist

North Korea on Saturday claimed the July 2008 shooting death of South Korean tourist by the North's troops in the Mt. Kumgang resort was the "product of a deliberate scheme" from Seoul.

Study: tourists to blame for Bali water shortage

JAKARTA, Indonesia - As tourism in Bali enjoys a robust period, the island is struggling to cope with diminishing water resources that have been over-exploited to meet the increasing demand for clean

Castro: Cuba’s swine flu ‘from US tourists’

Cuba's former leader, Fidel Castro, has blamed the growth in swine flu on an increase in US visitors to the island.

Cruise industry blames head tax for Alaska cuts

Holland America Line and Princess Cruises plan to cut Alaska sailings in 2010 by 10 percent, saying they blame the state's head tax and they're willing to sue to get rid of it.

2007 Brazil air crash blamed on authorities, airline: report

SAO PAULO (AFP) — An official probe into the 2007 Sao Paulo plane crash that killed 199 people has blamed the accident on the pilots, Airbus, the airline and the airport authorities, reports said.

The finger-pointing over pathetic state of the airline industry has begun

SAN FRANCISCO - Northwest Airlines Chief Executive Doug Steenland told a congressional panel Monday that oil speculation poses a serious challenge to the airline industry, and urged legislators to inc

‘Dodgy dot.coms’ blamed for cruise discounting

Agents have demanded operators stamp out rampant discounting in the cruise industry by clamping down on commission rebating by “dodgy dot.coms”.At this week’s UK Cruise Convention, lines were confronted by agents who complained they were being priced out of the market by online agents using preferential deals to trash the market.

Jump in crime blamed on tourists

The total number of criminal activities registered in Macau during the first quarter of this year increased by 264 cases or 8.6 percent over the same period of 2007, the security secretary reported yesterday.However Cheong Kuoc Va attributed the growth to the flood of visitors in the SAR rather than an increase in the criminal behaviour of locals.

AMR chief takes blame for recent airline turbulence

After American Airlines’ third straight day of cancellations totaling nearly 2,500 flights and the grounding of 300 MD-80 jetliners for additional safety inspections, Chief Executive Gerard Arpey said during a press conference on April 10 that he took responsibility for the situation and he expressed his profound sorrow for the stress it has caused passengers.