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Russian Aeroflot wants to blacklist passengers for bad behavior

Ill-tempered air travelers might want to think twice before throwing a fit at 35,000 feet on Aeroflot. If the airline gets its way, they could be blacklisted.

EU blacklists four more airlines

The European Union on Monday placed airlines from the Philippines, Honduras and the two Congos on its blacklist of carriers forbidden from flying in the 27-nation bloc.

Israel hands airlines list of 300 passengers not allowed to enter...

Israel has instructed foreign airlines to prevent 300 pro-Palestinian activists from boarding flights to Israel over the weekend, after Israeli security forces handed them the names of 300 people who

AFRAA continues to oppose EU’s blacklist

(eTN) - Information was received from aviation sources in Nairobi that the African Airline Association (AFRAA) has stepped up their opposition against the European Union's (EU) aviation blacklist, whi

EU bans all Afghan airlines from European airspace

BRUSSELS — All Afghan carriers are banned from flying into European airspace, due to the country's poor safety record of its civil aviation oversight system, European Commission said on Tuesday.

EU tightens restrictions on Iran Air, blacklists Suriname’s Blue Wing Airlines

BRUSSELS – The European Union tightened restrictions on the use of its airspace by Iran Air on Tuesday because of safety concerns and added an airline from Suriname to its no-flight blacklist.

Sudanese airlines banned by European Union

The latest blacklist issued by the European Union (EU) now also includes ALL airlines registered in the Republic of the Sudan, following a damning report by ICAO, the

EU revises airline blacklist, bans all airlines from Philippines and Sudan

BRUSSELS — The EU says North Korea's state-owned carrier Air Koryo has received a partial exemption from its airline blacklist, while some Iran Air jets will be banned from flying to Europe.

EU removes Garuda, three other Indonesian carriers from its blacklist

BRUSSELS -- The European Union says four Indonesian airlines, including Garuda, the country's flag carrier, will be allowed to fly to the continent again because of "significant" air safety improvemen

EU is planning global airline blacklist

Brussels - The European Union will propose a global blacklist of airlines that do not meet minimum safety standards in the wake of the Yemen Airways accident off the Comoros Island, the EU's top trans

EU adds Benin, Kazakh, Thai, Ukrainian airlines to blacklist

The European Union banned all Benin- based airlines, six Kazakh carriers, a Thai operator and a fourth Ukrainian one from flying in the bloc under the latest changes to a list of unsafe carriers.

ICAO calls on EU to lift Indonesian air ban

Tempo Interactive quotes the president of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), Robert Kobeh Gonzales, as calling on the European Union to lift its blacklisting of Indonesian aviation

European Union keeps Angola’s airline on blacklist

Brussels, Belgium – The European Commission Friday decided to keep Angola’s flag flyer, on its blacklist of airlines banned from European airspace for at least another three months, as it considered that “there continue to be significant deficiencies in the area of safety.”