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China named Guest Country for Bit 2013

MILAN, Italy – Italy and China have always been united by a special bond, right from when Marco Polo, and later the missionary and scholar Matteo Ricci, were the first two westerners to stay in the

Bit join prestigious association promoting tourism towards the USA

MILAN, Italy – Bit - Borsa Internazionale del Turismo - is now an active member of Visit USA, the association which promotes and develops tourism from Italy to the US.

First registrations for Bit 2013 from big tourism hitters

MILAN, Italy - Leaving the uncertain summer behind (in August, drop in presences kept down to 1.1% thanks to a 2.1% increase from abroad), the tourism industry now looks to the future.

New concept for BIT 2013

MILAN, Italy – The spread is on the increase? The desire to travel is ever-increasing.

A lively 30th edition closes with Bit confirmed as leading expo

The best of Italian and world tourism was on offer.

Bit celebrates its 30th anniversary: anticipating the future has made our...

In thirty years of history the International Tourism Exchange (BIT) has shown constant growth and always anticipated trends.

In a golden year for sport, Bit launches Bit Sportland

A new themed area at Bit 2010 will be dedicated to three great outdoor sports: golf, cycling, and the mountains.

Be Italian: Italian Style in the tourism business is popular all...

Nine is the announced success of this film season, the musical on the (fictionalized) life of Federico Fellini.

New BIT event dedicated to short breaks

Bit4Cities is a new Bit 2010 initiative featuring the new travelers' trend in choosing shorter and more frequent holidays: city breaks, mid-haul trips, and stays for up to four nights to discover the