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U.S. Travel welcomes bills to address billions needed to maintain National...

A U.S. Senate bill to provide funding for National Park repairs is currently under committee review. A similar bill is moving forward in the...

Back to school: Learning how to look good

Those that ponder the importance of “beauty” should recognize that the industry is valued at billions of dollars and is supported by men and women.

African Tourism Board: Kenya tourism resilience is an example to the...

The African Tourism Board strongly condemned the terror attack that occurred today at the luxury Dusit Hotel in Nairobi, Kenya.

Delta Air Lines carried 15.5 million passengers in ‘record’ November 2018

Delta Air Lines today reported operating performance for November 2018. The company carried 15.5 million customers across its broad global network, a record for...

2011 natural disasters cost global economies $435 billion

CHICAGO, Ill. - Annual Global Climate and Catastrophe Report, which aggregates and analyses the natural disaster perils that occurred worldwide during 2011, has been released today.

Billions of dollars pumped into UAE’s burgeoning aviation industry

In Silicon Oasis in Dubai, tucked away behind streets peppered with unfinished buildings and empty office blocks, is a thriving, upscale community of villas.

ATA: US industry, economy will lose billions due to EU ETS

WASHINGTON - The Air Transport Association of America (ATA), the industry trade organization for the leading U.S.

2010: Airlines rake $2.5 billion from baggage fees so far

Baggage fees may irritate you, but airlines sure aren't complaining.

Airline ancillary fees are big business

According to statistics from the US Department of Transportation’s Bureau of Transportation Statistics (BTS), the airline industry collected at least US$1.9 billion through ancillary fees in the fou

Billions of US dollars flowing to low-priority airport projects

The federal government has funded more than 3,100 airport construction and rehabilitation projects costing nearly US$2 billion from 2005-2009, despite the fact they received priority ratings well belo

A billion reasons to charge for luggage

NEW YORK - The round of baggage fees that came last year may have annoyed the heck out of customers, but according to government figures, they were a billion-dollar lifesaver for cash-strapped airline

Thai tourism to lose $5.35 billion: Government spokesman

BANGKOK — Thailand could lose 5.35 billion dollars in tourism revenue and millions of visitors in 2009 following its latest bout of political turmoil, a government spokesman said Tuesday.

IATA: Airlines to lose $4.7 billion this year

GENEVA – World airlines are set to lose $4.7 billion this year as a result of the global recession that has shrunk passenger and cargo demand, industry body IATA said.

Report: Tourists spent $51B in NY in 2007

Tourism spending was up 9 percent in New York state in 2007, according to a new report by Empire State Development.

U.S. travel industry lost $26 billion in 2007 due to “air...

New York, NY - A report by the Travel Industry Association said consumers avoided up to 41 million air trips in 2007 because they were irked by the cumbersome security procedures, flights delays and e

Quake results in 53.4 bln yuan in losses to China tourism

BEIJING - China's tourism sector has lost 53.4 billion yuan (7.6 billion U.S. dollars) from the 8.0-magnitude earthquake that hit Sichuan Province on May 12. According to the China Tourism Administration, 54 people, including one from Taiwan and 53 mainland tourists, were killed in Sichuan. Another 25 were injured, while 55,487 were held back.

A congressional committee says flight delays cost $12B to passengers, $19B...

NEW YORK - Domestic flight delays cost the industry and passengers $40.7 billion in 2007, according to the Joint Economic Committee from the House and Senate, which released a report Thursday. As part of this overall cost from the delays, passengers lost an estimated $12 billion worth of time that would otherwise have been spent on business and play, said the committee report.
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