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Egypt’s tourism minister: Booze, bikinis ok, we need tourists

Egypt is open to visitors who drink alcohol and wear bikinis, the tourism minister has said, as the Islamist-ruled country sets out to boost numbers by at least a fifth this year.

Bikini-clad tourists banned from Goa temples

Priests at the Mahalsa Narayani Temple in Mardol posted a sign warning “entry restricted for foreign tourists” while others imposed a strict dress code for visitors to protect the 'sanctity’ of

Goa government bans bikinis. From tourist ads for now

PANAJI - The Goa government has clarified that no diktat or guideline has been issued banning bikinis from the beaches.

Has Spain had enough of tourists’ bare skin?

Madrid - While some European countries are debating whether to allow Muslim women to cover themselves from head to toe, Spaniards are asking whether it is okay for people to walk the streets in very s