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Germany celebrates 20th anniversary of fall of the Berlin Wall

With concerts and memorials on Monday, Germans will celebrate the day the Berlin Wall came crashing down 20 years ago.

Berlin Wall still a major tourist draw

For many visitors to the German capital Berlin, one of the most commonly asked questions is where the Berlin Wall, which divided the city from 1961 to 1989, once stood.

Berlin tourism is fitter than other European metropolis

Berlin Tourismus Marketing (BTM) new head Burkhard Kieker tells to eTN why Berlin should be more resilient than other European cities to the current economic recession.

Gadget to bring back Berlin Wall for tourists

BERLIN — Tourists in the German capital disappointed to find little of the Berlin Wall left will from next month be able to have it reappear before their eyes with a gadget unveiled Monday.A handheld multimedia device, available for rental from May 1, will allow visitors walking through the city to see what the Cold War barrier looked like at the spot where they are standing.