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Berlin, Europe’s most desirable city for tourism and air transport

BERLIN (eTN) - In a European continent stroked by gloomy economic perspectives, Berlin seems to be an oasis of optimism fueled by economic growth. Tourism is especially booming in the German capital.

A new battle looms over Berlin

BERLIN (eTN) - Berlin is on the verge of becoming the most promising air transport market in Europe.

New Berlin airport to connect high-tech Eastern Germany with Asia

BERLIN & NEW DELHI - Berlin's new airport, opening in June 2012, comes at a time when the capital region is facing record numbers of business travelers and tourists.

New Berlin airport a boon to American businesses in Eastern Germany

BERLIN and ATLANTA - The twenty year anniversary of the reunification of Germany yesterday put the spotlight back on the formerly divided country and its capital, Berlin.

Germany Trade & Investment brings road show to US investors

The construction of the Berlin Brandenburg International (BBI) airport and the growth of freight traffic at Leipzig/Halle provide a unique investment opportunity for American businesses in both region