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UK Foreign Secretary: “Benefit tourism must stop”

LONDON, England - "Benefit tourism" must end, Foreign Secretary William Hague has said, ahead of the lifting of work restrictions on Romanians and Bulgarians.

UK to sue EU over “benefit tourism”

The Government will take unprecedented legal action against the EU to prevent ‘benefit tourists’ from the Ukraine and north African countries coming to Britain to collect benefits without working.

UK work secretary: Answer to “benefit tourism” would be “No. No....

Iain Duncan Smith has promised to fight demands from Brussels to "open our doors to benefit tourists".

EU threatens to sue UK over “benefit tourists”

The European Commission has threatened to take legal action against Britain if ministers do not water down rules limiting foreigners’ ability to claim benefits.

UK braces for Eastern European ‘benefit tourism’

Workers from former Eastern Bloc nations will become eligible to claim hundreds of pounds in jobseeker’s allowance, council tax help and housing benefits.