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UN: Half of world’s poorest countries can escape poverty by 2020

Half the world’s 48 least developed countries (LDCs) can “graduate” out of their impoverished status within 10 years if they benefit from better targeted development aid, duty- and quota-free ac

Korean tourism to benefit as Chinese tourists avoid Japan, Philippines

China observes National Day this Friday marking the 61st anniversary of the People's Republic.

Auckland to benefit from Qantas deal

Auckland could benefit as a stopover destination in an offer from Qantas to American tourists.

Will ordinary Cubans benefit from American tourism?

HAVANA, Cuba — The small-time entrepreneurs who rent out private rooms to tourists in this country may be the future business leaders of a post-Castro economy, but for now they are a beleaguered tri

2016 Olympics will greatly benefit Brazilian tourism

The International Olympic Committee (IOC) has selected Rio de Janeiro as the 31st Olympic and Paralympic Games host city.

The cable is here but is the tourism sector ready for...

The submarine cable connecting East Africa to the rest of the world is expected to revolutionise broadband speeds and substantially lower Internet costs, but analysts wonder whether the tourism sector