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Grenada raises tourism profile with rum and beer festival

For the first time ever, the annual Caribbean Rum & Beer Festival will be held in Grenada.

Portland brewery apologizes over Hindu reference to beer

Portland, Oregon, USA-based Burnside Brewing Company, which earlier announced to release its “Kali-Ma” beer on May 15, has apologized, postponed the release of, and will rename its beer.

Perturbed Hindus urge Portland brewery not to release Kali-Ma beer

Upset Hindus have urged Portland, Oregon, USA-based Burnside Brewing Company not to release its “Kali-Ma” beer proposed for May 15, calling it inappropriate.

Lufthansa opens refurbished business lounge featuring a beer garden

In cooperation with Munich’s Franziskaner brewery, Lufthansa is giving passengers the chance to relax at beer tables and enjoy draught beer tapped from the barrel with Bavarian pretzels at Munich Ai

South Carolina’s tourism to get boost from free beer

Free beer? Not from us, but maybe a soon at a business near you!

The beer tourists

For a Carmel Valley couple, traveling the world in search of the next great glass of beer has its moments.
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