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Dead tourist’s father slams bail decision

The father of an Australian tourist beaten to death outside a nightclub in Greece expressed his frustration at a decision to release three of those charged on bail.

Aussie tourist tortured in US beach pit

TWO Californian men have been charged with torturing and assaulting an Australian tourist who was thrown into a burning fire pit on a beach.Robert Schneider, 26, was found in the surfside pit in Ocean Beach with third-degree burns on February 27, the Associated Press reported.Police said the Adelaide electrician had been beaten with a skateboard then tossed into the fire.

‘Chinese beaten mercilessly’ – tourists. So, what really happened in Tibet?

Rampaging Tibetan youths stoned and beat Chinese people in the Tibetan capital and set ablaze stores but now calm has returned after a military clampdown, say tourists emerging from the Himalayan region."It was an explosion of anger against the Chinese and Muslims by the Tibetans,'' 19-year-old Canadian John Kenwood said, describing an orgy of violence that swept the ancient city of Lhasa.