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Flight Centre pressed major carriers to shelve bargain fares

Confidential emails from Flight Centre executives, including the managing director, Graham Turner, reveal the level of pressure they were putting on major airlines to shelve bargain fares available ov

Tourists shunning Queensland this Christmas

Tourists are shunning Queensland this Christmas with research showing wet weather and bargain hunting are having an impact.

MENATA: Egypt and Tunisia holidays offer big bargains, small risk

The travel industry needs to be much more straightforward with holidaymakers about the risks involved in travelling to destinations hit by the recent wave of Arab unrest, according to the Middle East

Some deals still out there but dirt-cheap cruising is over

If you're hoping for another year of dirt-cheap cruising, I have news for you: That ship has sailed.

Experts: Savvy shoppers can still find holiday bargains

Average airfares have been rising lately, but that doesn't mean would-be fliers should rush to lock in their tickets whatever the price.

TourCrafters offers Italy packages starting at US$696

It may seem odd — when the crowds have gone home, Rome's daily high is 63º Fahrenheit, and the weather is perfect for sightseeing — that airlines, hotels, and Tourcrafters lower their prices in N

Sheehan: Want a deal? Book now, this is as good as...

SAINT NAZAIRE, France - Thinking of booking one of the super deals on cruises that have been floating around the marketplace this year? You might want to act sooner rather than later.

The summer of bargains

The Caribbean has some great deals, including money-back offers and free nights. Also, we have an offer in Las Vegas for those who can act fast.

Five strategies for summer travel savings

The recession probably has many American families reconsidering their summer vacation plans, but with some smart travel strategies, it is possible for the whole family to enjoy a budget-friendly summe

Summer season brings great travel deals

Want to really get away?"Now is probably the best season to travel," said Roger Dow, the president and CEO of the U.S. Travel Association.

Bargain cruises and brand-new ships

If there's a cruise in your future, there's no better time than now to take it.

Dubai shifts focus as shoppers hunt for bargains

DUBAI - The homages to Pharaonic Egypt, ice rinks and shark-filled aquariums in Dubai's many malls still attract crowds, but retail in the Gulf Arab boomtown is looking fragile as luxury-lovers turn i

Cheaper than eating out: A cross-country airline ticket

A friend of mine in Los Angeles recently picked up a fast-food meal for two and was mildly shocked at the price (he doesn't get out much) -- the tab was close to $14.

Airfare bargains in ‘worldwide distress sale’

David Shepherd, the manager of Berkeley's Northside Travel, looked up San Francisco-London round-trip fares on the agency's airline computer system and had a good chuckle.

Top 10 tips for saving on airfares in 2009

No one really knows where airfares are headed this year (beware anyone who claims they do; they're probably just trying to grab headlines).

6 reasons we love to travel now

It took a couple of airline bankruptcies, a summer of staycations, a serious recession and the near-collapse of the world economy, but by golly, travelers are feeling loved right now.

Massive discounts on cruises exposed as con

Massive discounts on cruises were exposed as a con last week after leading line Fred Olsen admitted it had not sold a single cruise at full price for a year.

Sleeping in New Jersey helps New York tourists afford hotels

One of New York's new luxury hotels tempts guests with skyline views and a 15-minute ride to Midtown, at rates as low as $199 a night.The catch? The Ravel Hotel isn't in Manhattan. It's across the East River in Queens.

Cheap travel: is the bubble about to burst?

All the signs suggest that cheap travel is coming to an end. But don’t forgo this year’s holiday, says Nick Trend: it could be your last chance of a break at a reasonable price."You’ve never had it so good”: that was our front-page headline on this section just over a year ago when I was highlighting the incredibly good value to be had by travellers of all types.

Tourists still coming, but they’re looking for bargains

Arnoldo Ramirez's customers certainly seemed recession proof. He charters luxury yachts, where a four-hour cruise on Biscayne Bay with a captain and a steward costs $2,500.But bookings are down this year, prompting the owner of Water Fantaseas to lower his prices. He created a two-hour cruise for $1,750 and business has rebounded.

If airfares are going up, why are there so many travel...

Fare-tracking experts say the big U.S. airlines have raised prices 11 times this year. So how come I got an email last week from United Airlines offering to sell me one-way tickets for as low as $37?