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Wildlife protectionists urge Obama to discuss elephant poaching in Africa

TANZANIA (eTN) – The escalating crisis on the poaching of elephants and trade of bloody ivory from Africa is a priority issue in which US President Barack Obama should broach during his week-long to

President Obama visit to Africa: a boom in tourism?

TANZANIA (eTN) - With excitement and expectations to see a tourism boom in Africa, tourist stakeholders are looking at the official tour of the continent by US President Barack Obama as a kick-start t

Obama victory waves across Africa with leading newspaper headlines

TANZANIA (eTN) - With leading headlines in bold, all Tanzanian daily newspapers published in their Thursday editions news about the re-election of Barack Obama looking for his final term as President

The real intentions of the “partnership of equals”

"Yesterday [March 22, 2011] was a long day. I was paying attention to the ups and downs of Obama in Chile since noon, as I had done the day before with his adventures in the city of Rio de Janeiro.

Obamas visit to benefit Mani Bhavan tourism

US President Barack Obama is the first high-profile international visitor to set foot in the Mani Bhavan Gandhi Sangrahalaya in the last 50 years and the museum authorities say his visit filled life i

World leaders condemn perpetrators of Uganda attacks

(eTN) - The perpetrators of “vicious” attacks in Uganda must to be brought to justice, many world leaders have said.

R.O.A.R: Obscure laws since BP oil rig disaster

[Editor's Note: Rant And/Or Rave or R.O.A.R is back! Today's entry comes from the good people of cruisemates.com. Read what they have to say about the ongoing BP oil rig disaster.]

A year of false hopes for Cuba

HAVANA - For Cuba it was a year of false-starts, tentative hopes for change and lingering anticipation that the United States would finally open the floodgates for American tourists to visit the islan

The implications of the Copenhagen climate anti-climax on tourism

For many months the expectations of the Copenhagen Climate Change Conference were immense.

Trinidad hosts CHOGM: Pride or prejudice

PORT OF SPAIN, Trinidad and Tobago (eTN) - This week the tiny Caribbean state of Trinidad and Tobago is going to be at the center of the world stage.

Obama ups the Chicago Olympics ante

US President Barack Obama traveled to Denmark to support Chicago's bid for the 2016 Summer Olympics, projecting the highest-ever White House profile in lobbying for the international event.

Africans in Diaspora trace their roots in Tanzania

DAR ES SALAAM, Tanzania (eTN) - Looking for the origin of their grandparents, African descendants in Diaspora are planning a meeting in Tanzania late October this year in a mission to explore the ance

Accra welcomes Barack Obama for his first Ghana visit

Pan-African hospitality group, African Sun Limited, is proud to announce that Barack Obama, the president of the United States of America, has chosen to stay at its Holiday Inn, Accra Airport property

African Sun welcomes Barack Obama to Holiday Inn Accra Airport

Accra - Pan-African hospitality group, African Sun Limited, is proud to announce that Barack Obama, the president of the United States of America, has chosen to stay at its Holiday Inn, Accra property

Wolfgang’s East Africa tourism report


Trinidad and Tobago: An unusual mix of crime and tourism

The Caribbean destinations of Trinidad and Tobago (TT) are noted for white sandy beaches and blue green water as well as for 550 murders and 11 kidnappings in 2008 and 193 murders and 2 kidnappings in

Swine flu prompts travel warning for Mexico and US

The growing number of swine-flu cases in the United States and Mexico has caused some governments to issue a travel warning against travel to affected areas in Mexico and the US, adding more uncertain

Wolfgang’s East Africa tourism report


Obama’s ‘limited’ Cuban policy

At the Summit of the Americas held in Trinidad and Tobago, US President Barack Obama directed his administration to allow unlimited travel and money transfers by Cuban Americans to family in Cuba.

Can the Obama government buoy tourism and hospitality in tough times?

Industry leaders say that meetings at the White House, at the Fed’s office and Treasury Department have been quite constructive.

R.O.A.R.: Hawaii’s troubled marriage

Like any other troubled marriage, Hawaii’s marriage to [US] mainland visitors needs remaking. And pronto, because even the current trial separation by vacationing mainlanders is getting uglier.

Obama Inauguration: Most covered event in Tanzania history

DAR ES SALAAM, Tanzania (eTN) - This week was marked with Tanzanian media focusing and paying their attention to swearing-in of the American President Barack Obama and his first day in the White House

Destinations connected with Obama capitalize on associations with new US president

From Nairobi to Waikiki, to the small Irish community of Moneygall; the inauguration of Barack Obama as the 44th president of United States has generated what is termed the “Obama effect” on touri

Change is coming to Cuba

Cuba is planning spectacular celebrations in January to mark the 50th anniversary of the revolution that brought Fidel Castro and his Communist government to power.

Kenya safari company attributes increase to Obaboom

Kenya has recognized the impact of Obaboom, a travel trend coined at the recently concluded World Travel Market to describe roots tourism linked to US President-elect Brack Obama.

eTN Inbox: Getting to Obama

When Barack Obama becomes president, he must decide how much to open the door to travel to Cuba.

eTN Executive Talk: “Obama is a strong welcoming symbol for international...

The election of Barack Obama as the next US president generates a new wave of interest and positive feeling for the United States as a travel destination.

Invoking Obama, young parliamentarians call for change in India

New Delhi, India - While the youth vote in the United States carried Barack Obama to victory in this month’s presidential elections, young Indian parliamentarians speaking at the World Economic Foru

Archbishop Desmond Tutu calls election of Barack Obama a “Mandela moment”

WASHINGTON, DC – Nobel Peace Laureate Archbishop Desmond Tutu praised the recent election of Barack Obama as a “Mandela moment” at an American Program Bureau (APB) event in Washington, DC on Nov

eTN Inbox: Obama is dirty

Our experience with even mentioning Obama is a sure way to kill a Hawaii booking.