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Azul to buy Avianca Brasil’s assets

Azul S.A, the largest airline in Brazil by number of departures and destinations, announces today that it has signed a non-binding agreement with Avianca...

Another German Airline bankrupt

On Monday Germania Fluggesellschaft mbH, its sister maintenance company Germania Technik Brandenburg GmbH as well as Germania Flugdienste GmbH filed for insolvency in Berlin-Charlottenburg. Flight...

Ravn Air Group acquires Peninsula Airways’ assets

Ravn Air Group, Inc., a portfolio company of investment affiliates of J.F. Lehman & Company, announced today the purchase of the assets of Peninsula...

Bankrupt: Lufthansa Partner PrivateAir

It started with a Swiss court in October to declare bankrupcy proceeding against PrivateAIr after a vendor asked the court. PrivateAir responded it was a mistake and managed to operate for another month and a half. Today on December 5, PrivateAir asked a Swiss Court to continue bankruptcy proceedings. 

Global Aviation Holdings emerges from Chapter 11

PEACHTREE CITY, Ga. - Global Aviation Holdings Inc.

Ukraine’s largest airline flies into bankruptcy

KIEV, Ukraine - AeroSvit, Ukraine's largest airline, will seek protection from its creditors in court this week after grounding most of its flights and leaving hundreds of people stranded across the g

American’s “cornerstone” world view

American Airlines continues to work its way through bankruptcy.

Danish carrier Cimber Sterling declares bankruptcy

Danish carrier Cimber Sterling has declared bankruptcy on Thursday, after its owners decided not to continue their financial support of the company.

American Airlines flight attendant works to uproot airline management

A controversial series of YouTube videos mocking a flight attendant's bosses at American Airlines has morphed into an all-out grassroots movement to remove the upper-management team now running Americ

American Airlines’ bankruptcy makes it attractive takeover target

NEW YORK, N.Y. - American Airlines' bankruptcy has many in the industry questioning if a merger is in its future.

Kingfisher will hock property to stay airborne

MUMBAI, India - The board of Kingfisher Airlines will on Monday consider a proposal to cut debt by more than half by selling property, converting loans from its parent company into equity, and changin

Marriott: Waikiki EDITION owner’s bankruptcy self-defeating

Bethesda, Md. – The filing by the owner of the Waikiki EDITION and its legal advisors of a bankruptcy proceeding to prevent Marriott International, Inc.

Mesa Air Group exits Chapter 11

PHOENIX - Mesa Air Group’s Plan of Reorganization became effective today, allowing the company to emerge from its reorganization under Chapter 11 of the U.S. Bankruptcy Code.

Bankrupt Irish running to Britain

Niall is 31 and manager of a successful fruit farm just outside Dublin.

Gulfstream airline goes into bankruptcy

Florida's Gulfstream International Group announced that it has filed for Chapter 11 on Thursday to restructure its debt and secure long-term financing.

Extended Stay Hotels emerge from bankruptcy

SPARTANBURG, South Carolina - Extended Stay Hotels emerged from Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection today, after an investment group purchased 100 percent of the company for US$3.925 billion.

With Borja gone, who will run Mexicana?

MEXICO CITY - Ownership changes at struggling airliner Grupo Mexicana appear to have left the company without a chief executive as it navigates bankruptcy proceedings, with the new owners remaining ti

Tourism news: Space tourism company folds

An aerospace company that had once hoped to soar in the space tourism business may end up landing in bankruptcy court.

Debt-ridden Mexicana files for bankruptcy protection in US and Mexico

Mexicana Airlines, the busiest foreign carrier at Los Angeles International Airport, announced Tuesday that it had filed for bankruptcy protection in the U.S.

Cozumel Caribe SA files for bankruptcy

A Mexican provider of tourism services at a beachfront hotel in Cozumel filed for Chapter 15 bankruptcy protection Tuesday.

Trump and bankruptcy – two words you would not expect to...

Multi-billionaire, Donald J. Trump, is probably one of the last people you would link with the word bankruptcy.

Travel news: Goldtrail bankruptcy leaves 16,000 Britons stranded while on holiday

When Goldtrail, a Turkey and Greece tour operator, went into bankruptcy on Friday afternoon, July 16, 2010, suddenly 16,000 Britons abroad found themselves

News for Mesa Air Group continues to get worse

The news for once-large Mesa Air Group continues to get worse and worse.

JAL appoints new group president and executive VP

Beginning February 1, 2010, Japan Airlines Group will have new executives at the the helm.
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