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An end to Cuba travel ban?

For 46 years, U.S. citizens have been effectively banned from travel to the largest Caribbean island, just 90 miles off our shores.

Tourists better think twice before snapping pix of British bobbies

LONDON — Tourists better think twice now before snapping pictures of the iconic British bobby.

China bans organ transplant operations for foreign tourists

BEIJING - The Ministry of Health (MOH) said on Tuesday that China prohibits organ transplants for foreign visitors carrying a tourist visa and the ministry will deal harshly with domestic medical inst

Grenada enforcing ban on off-beach bathing suits

ST. GEORGE'S, Grenada — Bikini and Speedo-clad tourists beware.

VAustralia vows to beat international ban

VAustralia is confident it has found a way to sell its tickets through Australian travel agents without using the International Air Transport Association's clearing house.

Airline defends ban on ‘touts’

Budget airline Ryanair has today defended its decision to ban bookings made on unauthorised "ticket tout" websites.

Scottish tourist attraction bans English visitors in revenge for 1298 battle

The Edinburgh Dungeon said the one-day event is in revenge for the Battle of Falkirk, fought 710 years ago July 21st, at which more than 2,000 Scots were slaughtered by the Auld Enemy.

Cappucci-No: Rome bans snacks at tourist sites

ROME — Don't chow, bella! At least not on the steps of Roman monuments.

Tourists to be banned at Peking Varsity during Olympics

Beijing - Tourists will be banned from visiting Beijing's prestigious Peking University during the Olympics, state media said on Wednesday, in China's latest security move ahead of next month's Games.

Euro MPs target hidden cost airline ads

Laws banning hidden air fares costs are expected in force by the end of the year following final approval from Euro-MPs today.

Call to ban tourists from Uluru

Tourists would be banned from climbing Uluru in protest over the Northern Territory intervention, a protest rally in Sydney has heard.

Croatia bans tourists from bringing own food

ZAGREB - Croatia has banned foreign tourists from bringing their own meat and dairy products into the country in order to meet EU rules on food safety. Gordan Jerbic, head of the veterinary section at Croatia's agriculture ministry, told Reuters on Monday the ban took effect on June 1 and was passed in line with European Union directives.

Can a cruise line ban you … for complaining?

The story of a couple who had cruised often on Royal Caribbean and was banned by the line for, presumably, complaining too much via a number of channels, appeared yesterday on MSNBC.com -- and the piece has ignited massive controversy with its claim. "What on earth did they do to get a lifetime ban?" writes Anita Dunham-Potter, author of the piece. "They complained, and they complained loudly."

Naomi Campbell faces airline ban

Temper queen Naomi Campbell is facing a lifelong airline ban following her recent arrest at London's Heathrow airport.

South Indian film actors banned from U.S. travel

CHENNAI (Reuters) - Several south Indian film personalities have been barred from the United States for their role in a visa scam, the U.S. consulate in Chennai said on Thursday.
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