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The 2010 Renaissance: Tijuana/Baja California

“Why go there? You’ll find no one but drug lords and other bad guys.” This is so yesterday!

New police force focused on tourism ready for Baja

A new police department has been created in Baja California to protect and serve tourism in the Tijuana-Rosarito-Ensenada corridor.

Hurricane warning issued for southern half of the Baja California area

Cruise ships are altering their Mexican Riviera itineraries to avoid the southern half of the Baja California area, and hotels are boarding up and stocking extra food and supplies, along with resident

R.O.A.R.: Return to Baja California

I live in northern Baja California, Mexico, that is ironically living a death by media.

Baja California crime continues, as does debate about tourist safety

Blood continues to spill in Tijuana and and other border-area communities.

Baja California still safe for tourists, travel club exec says

Surfers, fishermen, hunters, golfers or anyone else monitoring the high level of drug-related violence in northern Baja California must be wondering what I'm wondering: When will cartel members, who a